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10 Romantic Things To Do After Making Love – this will make your lover love you more!

We all know that making love is emotional, so it is not something you simply do, and just walk away. You need to know, as a guy or Lady, that there are certain actions you’ll need to do, so you can assure your partner, of your feelings.

It is no longer secret, that most couples really love and enjoy the idea of turning on their respective sides and snoozing after a steamy session of sεx.

That should not include you, you should believe in making the most of the precious moments after sεx.

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Like what i said in the first paragraph, the time right after sεx gives you a chance to reconnect and bond with your partner.

After Making Love

For some people who think all you can do is cuddling and sleeping, here are 10 romantic things you can do after a love-making session.

10 Things You Should Do After Love-Making

10. Eat in bed After some great sεx

Yes, we all know that love-making zaps up to 70% of your energy. You’re sure to get hungry. Studies have shown that Sεx is like a workout, the best one! You also burn a lot of calories and your body craves food.

So after this, you’ll need to fix a quick meal for yourself and your partner, lie in bed and eat while cuddling. That is extremely romantic.

9. Talk

Talking after sεx is a good way to rekindle the flame and even improve the communication between you both. Don’t be like the couples, who after love making, turn on their sides and sleep off, or just wear their cloth and goes off. Since both of you are going to be in a good mood, it’s a great time to bring up important topics and discuss it.

Advice: However, i should warn you, to never get too serious as that could be a mood killer. Stick to light-hearted topics, that will make you and your partner feel happy.

8. Take self portraits

Some people will be against this, but one of the best moments in life, should be memorialise. You can memorialise this amazing moment on the camera.

You will have a natural post-Οrgasm glow on your face, so no need for make up and post editing. You’ll look beautiful and great.

7. Get touchy

This sounds great, doesn’t it? After a great love making session, you need to get a little bit touchy.

You don’t have to be a boring couple and fall asleep after some hot steamy sεx. Ensure that you spend some time in bed with your partner, touching each other. This can be really romantic.

Whether you’re watching TV or just talking, subtle and light touches are really cute and will be appreciated by your partner.

6. Cuddle

I said most couples, after love making, thought that the only romantic thing they can do, is cuddle. Yes, cuddling after $ex is great, and one of the most romantic things ever.

Cuddling and spooning after sεx is one of the best ways to let your partner know that you adore them and love them, it’s not all about the $ex, but the person too. Who doesn’t like spooning after some forking, right?

5. Reconnect

This is powerful, there are several ways to reconnect with your partner after a round of love making. You can talk, cuddle, touch each other, etc.

However, sometimes the charm is in just lying next to each other in silence and staring at one another. You would whisper sweet nothings or just share a beautiful moment in silence.

You might think it does not work, but once you tried it, you pass unspeakable messages.

4. Laugh

Who doesn’t enjoy and want to have a good laugh, right? Guys totally dig girls who have a sense of humour.

After sεx, share a joke or say something that will make your partner laugh. Laughing together is a great way to get closer to each other. it connects the both of you, and shows you have things in common, more than love making.

3. DiscussING the future

Now would be the right time to discuss the future with your partner. I really don’t mean that love making has anything to do about your future with him or her, but future plans in general.

You both can just stay together, and can discuss your dreams, hopes and plans for the future. You can start by asking your partner the place they’ll love to travel or a dream job maybe. This a really nice way to know each other and connect. Especially if it’s a one-night stand.

2. Watch a movie Together

Well, this is another romantic thing to do. I will not list out movies here to watch, but you can try watching movies you both love.

Watching a movie after making love is a pretty good idea and it’s really romantic. Just try your best in avoiding anything serious or teary. Pick something light and fun. It’s a nice way to bond.

1. NAP together

This is one of the most crucial and important thing to do, not just running away.

If you’ve had a really intense session of love-making, we’re sure you’re exhausted as hell and would want nothing else, but a good sleep.

Most guys love the idea of napping after sεx. So, just wrap your arms around each other and take a quick nap.


What do you think?
Are any of these ideas romantic?
Have you ever tried them out?

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