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10 Special and Intimate Things Every Couple Should Do At Least Once

There are times in our life, when we need to do things, which is outside our comfort zone. We shouldn’t live everyday the same, and this same goes for couple in love.

I don’t need to say it here, that there is absolutely no flame that burns forever, and the same goes for love. The busyness of modern life has deprived many couples of special moments and time together, let alone moments for extra intimacy in their relationship.

What really is the seed that sprouts love? Passion and $exual tension need to be reignited on a regular basis, to help keep love strong and growing. Today on this portal, i will be showing you, the 17 things you can do as a couple to increase intimacy and your desire for each other, and grow your relationship.


17 Special and Intimate Things Every Couple Should Do At Least Once

1. Always Shower together

This is one of the biggest and most intimate things, most couples forget to do. I know married life isn’t easy, but just don’t go day to day, Months after month, in pursuit of money, you can add romance in it.

A shower in itself is a very personal act. Since we know that showering is a daily routine that is undergone in one’s own privacy. To shower together is to break down this barrier of private space and get closer to each other, since you’re now one.

As you lather each other with foam, There is something special in bathing together with your partner. You re-learn about each other’s body—the beauty of it all, including the curves, the shapes and where it tickles.

I’ll let you in a secret, a shower together can be very intimate and relaxing, or full of $exual tension, or both.

2. Have $ex in a public place

This is one risk worth taking. It’s crazy right? But if you really want to try this, then i recommend you do this in a secluded corner in a park, in your own backyard, or anywhere where you won’t get caught easily.

All am advising you, is to try this once. Make sure that you make it a shared adventure, but you should be smart about it. This could either be the most exciting thing ever, or the worst disaster ever in your married life!

Risk level: Critical

3. Ice skating together

This is another adventure i’ll advice couples to go together, take a break from your busy schedules and go ice skating together.

it is advisable that couples who want to stay together, should holding hands, slip on ice, and fall down together. You may not believe this, but it is one of the rarest romantic thing ever.

You can proceed and make some silly moves, race each other, show off some swirling skills or your ability to skate backwards. This takes you back to when you guys were young teenagers who are in love.

This provides a great fun, and makes you help each other up, pulling each other down and sharing in laughter. It’s fun and shows pure love.

4. Involve food in foreplay

If you are yet to try this out, then you haven’t enjoy the full and complete joy that comes with marriage. The trick is to try something new while keeping it clean and manageable within yourself.

Before going into $ex, you can try foreplay involving food, You can start with fruits, such as strawberry, banana, mango, pomegranate, peach, etc., and syrups such as chocolate fudge, maple syrup and honey.

Not to forget, the whipped cream. Just remember to lay down some towels beforehand so that the sheets don’t get dirty.

5. Go to the Beach Together

Yes, i will advice you to have a getaway and go to the beach, the sun, the sand, and the clear waters. Not to forget, that you can help each other with the sunblock lotion.

To have a relationship with your partner that isn’t all about money, i’ll advice you to go have a nice little picnic under the trees. Get a beautiful tan together. it is advisable for couples to go frolic together in the blue sea when it gets too hot. Roll around in the powdery white sand. You can rekindle a lot of love by spending alone time in a natural setting, enjoying each other’s company without any disturbance.

If you can, you should keep off the internet and your mobile phone, and enjoy your partner’s company

6. Give each other a massage

You know that massaging is one of the best means of relaxing. There are several massage houses round the world, so why not take out time, and offer your S.O a massage? it’s sexy and might be addictive

Massage helps to relax the body by relieving tension in the muscles. Providing massage for your partner is one of the best thing you can do for your partner, most especially after he or she has had a hard day at work.

Giving a massage is a loving act that shows that you are understanding and giving towards your partner.

You can make it the idea and most romantic massage ever, by lighting some scented candles or use some aromatherapy oil. Don’t forget to play some soft music in the background. It doesn’t have to take a long time. A 10 to 20 minute session will be able to win every bit of your partner’s heart.

7. Shave Together and Help Your Partner

This seems unthinkable right? but you might not know that this is one of the most romantic thing to ever do as a couple.

For your spouse to let you shave him/her, it requires a great amount of trust, and also helps in building trust between two people too. Let your partner teach you if you don’t already know. Be patient with each other.

9. Cook a meal together

Have you ever thought of cooking together with your wife? When you cook together as a couple, it draws you closer to each other.

When you decide to cook together as a couple, it brings you together, enjoying the process of planning a meal and cooking it together. It takes cooperation and communication to make a meal together. Both of you share the labor and also the fruits of it. Share your family stories while you cook.

If you want to spice things up a bit, you could try cooking naked—by wearing just aprons with nothing else underneath. It’s $exy and Romantic, not to mention, it’s personal between the two of you.

10. Shop for underwear and LΙngerie for each other.

For heaven’s sake, you both are married and should do this together. One thing you should ask yourself is this; Who does not like presents?

Who doesn’t love presents? You can surprise your partner with a new pair of undies today. Surely, you don’t even have to go to an actual store before doing the shopping. You can easily choose to Shop online!

When you decide to shop underwears, lingeries and sexy looking cloths for your partner, you’ll certainly be surprised by the huge range of choices. But before that, ask your partner what he or she likes—the colors, the designs, the brands, etc.

When you get to know the choice of your partner, tyou certainly won’t be having a difficult a time deciding what to purchase. You could also try something extra κinky, which includes things like: ιacy tops, thοℵgs or certain $exy accessories.