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Top 10 Best Natural Face Packs for Skin Whitening (Proven)

I know that the dream of every woman out there, is to have that perfect, flawless and glowing skin that gets even the celebrities jealous.  So in the pursuit of trying to turn this dream into reality, we try out almost all the beauty and skincare products available in the market, and those recommended by our friends.

Before i say anything else, you should know, that “having a smooth, glowing and flawless face is possible!”

But to be honest, in the long run, in this process of trying to get a flawless skin, we are do more harm than good to our skin. Sometimes, the harsh chemicals and bleach which are used in the manufacturing of these skincare products might provide an instant glow to the skin, but they cause far-reaching negative effects on the skin in the long run.

Therefore, ONE of the best and most recommended solution in protecting the face from the sun, is a nourishing natural remedies.

Here’s a list, which points out the top best face packs for glowing skin that aid in improving skin health and lightening skin tone.

Best Natural Face Pack

Best Natural Face Pack

Causes of Skin Darkening

Before listing out the best home remedies for improving and lightening the skin, it is wise for me to pinpoint, the major causes of skin darkening. This gives you an insight, how you can combat it.

The major reason for having a dull, tired and darker looking skin is mainly because of the lack of oxygen and blood in the skin, which makes the skin appear weary and lifeless. Some other reasons for skin darkening are as follows:

  • Excessive exposure to pollution, dust and impurities
  • Exposure to UV rays of the sun that cause suntan
  • Improper skin cleansing
  • Diet deficient in essential nutrients
  • Chronic Stress

10 Amazing Face Packs for Fairer Skin Using Natural Ingredients

I will be listing out, the top 10 most amazing face packs you can use, to lighten up your skin and makes it perfectly flawless.

It is medically recommended, that you indulge your skin with the nourishing goodness of natural ingredients such as honey, milk, yogurt and fruits and improve skin tone naturally with these DIY natural face packs, so that it glows from within.

Honey and Milk Pack

If you’ve gone through this blog, you’ll come to see that Milk and honey contains lot of ingredients, that have been discovered to make the skin flawlessly perfect.

Is there any other better way which you can use to naturally whiten the skin, rather than with the nourishing touch of milk and honey? The benefits of honey for skin and health need no new emphasis in the medical world, and it is undoubtedly the best facepack for eradicating dry skin.

It does one of the biggest jobs, you should know that Milk and Honey are nature’s elixir for all skin problems. Mixing honey with pure milk is probably the best face pack for a glowing skin.


Just in case you aren’t aware, Honey is an amazing natural antibacterial agent, which acts as a perfect natural remedy for curing of acne and pimples. Honey has the capacity of retaining moisture in the skin cells, which helps the body system in moisturizing excessive dry skin and adding a natural glow to it.


To get the maximum help of using milk and honey to make your skin glow, you’ll need to use Raw milk.

Raw milk is an excellent skin cleanser, which helps the body cells in improving complexion. History has it, that Queen Cleopatra of Egypt usually bathe in milk to enhance her beauty, and stay young forver.


Honey-1 Tablespoon

Raw Milk-1 Tablespoon

How to Use

To ensure that you get the perfect mixture, you are to mix the ingredients (shared above) in a glass bowl and gently apply it on clean face, then massage for 2 minutes in soft, circular motion.
Make sure that you leave the paste on your face, for 15 to 20 minutes and wash off thoroughly with water.

Potato Pulp and Lemon Pack

Another natural means you can use to whiten the skin, is by the use of Potato juice and pulp. Potato juice and pulp is an ancient and age-old home remedy, which is mainly used for the following purposes:

  • Skin lightening,
  • Removing blemishes,
  • Improving skin health
  • Nourishing homemade facial for oily skin.

Potato juice and lemon pack are rich source of vitamin C, and helps to nourishes the skin from inside, which gives it a natural glow outside. This combo is very effective, and is one of the rarest natural remedy for removing hyperpigmentation and dark spots on the skin.

This mixture helps the body cells in improving the skin tone and lightening dark circles around eyes. (As you might have know, Potato makes the eyes brighter)

One of the major benefits of lemon is that it helps in cleansing the skin, removing dead body cells and impurities, and is also effective in eradicating suntan effectively.

Potato Juice and Lemon is a natural bleaching agent, which is well known in the medical world. The combination of potato and lemon makes it the best face pack for fairness and tan removal.


Potato-1 Small


How to Use

To effectively use this ingredient, you need to take 1 potato, peel and grate it, then turn it into smooth pulp, squeeze out the juice of one lemon and add it to the pulp, mix well and apply on a clean face, let it stay for 20 minutes, after 20 minutes, go and wash it off with water.

Yogurt and Oats Pack

Yogurt and Oats Pack

Another huge natural remedy, which you can use to make the face white and glowing, is Yogurt and oats pack.

The Yogurt and oats pack is the very best skin whitening face pack that acts as an effective natural remedy for the following.

  • Removing suntan,
  • Removing Age Spots
  • Removing Pigmentation.

The benefits of using oatmeal to whiten the face are well known, but it is also extremely beneficial for exfoliating the skin, and also helps in removing dead cells and impurities and improving the overall fairness of skin.

While natural, unflavored yogurt or sour curd contains high levels of lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid, and these natural ingredients helps the body in moisturizing and exfoliating the skin, thereby, making the skin smooth and glowing.

Yogurts and Oat is essential to those who wants to prevent the breakout of acne and pimples, and its mild bleaching properties helps in correcting skin discoloration and age spots.


Yogurt-2 tablespoons

Oats-1 Tablespoon

How To Use

To get the maximum benefit, you are required to whisk the yogurt in a glass bowl and add the oats to it, then proceed and mix it very well.

After you’ve mixed it well, apply it on your face, neck and arms. Then massage it using soft motion on face, neck and arms for 5 minutes, leave it on for 20 minutes.

Finally, after 20 minutes, you are to wash it off your face thoroughly with water.

Banana and Almond Oil Pack

Banana and Almond Oil Pack

Here is another magical natural remedy to lightening the skin and making it flawless.

You might have heard of this combination, or you might not have heard of it. But this is by far, one of the easiest and most cost effective homemade face packs for lightening skin tone, and this can be made from ripe bananas and almond oil.


Banana is a very rich source of vitamins C and B6, and helps the body in improving the production of collagen in the skin. Vitamins C and B6 are effective in maintaining skin elasticity and suppleness. The Vitamin C provided by banana, also helps in improving skin complexion.

Almond Oil

The benefits of using the almond oil on the skin are well known. The almond oil is one of the most effective natural oils which helps in improving overall skin health. Almonds are very rich source of vitamins E, A and D, and these vitamins are vital in improving the general overall of skin health.

The almond oil works as an effective natural antioxidants for improving skin health.

The mixture and banana and almond oil is so powerful, that it turns to an amazing anti-inflammatory properties, which help in soothing skin infections and allergies.

One of the best uses of this mixture, is it deep nourishing moisturizer for dry skin. Mixing Banana and almond oil  helps in lightening dark circles, protects the skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun and improves blood circulation throughout the skin, thereby, making the skin look young and flawless.


One (1) Ripe Banana

Sweet Almond Oil – 1 Tea Spoon.

How to Use

  • To get the maximum benefit of this mixture, you are to mash the banana very well, to form a smooth paste.
  • Then proceed and add the almond oil to the smooth paste of the mash banana.
  • When you have added the almond oil, you are expected to mix it very well, before applying it on your face.
  • You should know that before applying this on your face, you need to use clean water and wash your face, then dry it with a clean towel.
  • After applying it on your face, let it stay for 20 minutes, before washing it off your face with water.

Orange Peel and Sandalwood Pack

Orange Peel and Sandalwood Pack

Another hidden natural remedy to a smooth and glowing face, is the mixture of orange peels and sandalwood pack. This is a powerful combination that provides the body with Vitamin C, which is used for neutralizing the skin damage, mainly caused by the harmful free radicals and oxidative stress.

Benefits of Orange Peel

Are you aware, that the orange peel contains much more vitamin C compared to the pulp? The orange peel is a rich source of calcium. The orange peel functions as an effective natural remedy for the removal blackheads on nose.

The orange peel comes with a natural bleaching properties, which help the body system in removing dark patches and suntan. This natural remedy improve skin tone effectively.

Benefits of Sandalwood

Have you ever wondered how queens, princess maintain a fresh and glowing face back in ancient times? Their secrets? Sandalwood!

Sandalwood is one of the oldest remedies which is used for skin problems. Sandalwood holds an important place in the treatment of Ayurvedic.

Sandalwood  is one of the recommended natural remedy, for an effective face pack for skin whitening, which also exfoliates and tones the skin at the same time.


Orange Peel Powder- 1 Tablespoon.

Sandalwood Powder- 1 Tablespoon.

How to Use It

To get the full properties contained in Orange peel and Sandalwood, here’s how you should go about it.

1. Mix orange peel powder and sandalwood powder in a glass bowl, then add some water to it to have a thick consistency.

2. When you have a thick paste, before applying this on your face, you need to wash your face.

3. You can choose to apply it on the face and neck, then massage for 5 minutes and leave it on your face for 15 minutes.

4. Lastly, wash it off with water, after the 15 minutes has elapse.

Turmeric and Gram Flour Pack

Turmeric and Gram Flour Pack

Turmeric is a well known natural remedy, when it comes to nourishing dry skin. There are various numerous health benefits associated with turmeric.

What Are Turmeric?

Turmeric is a spice, which is widely used in India for cooking. The turmeric holds a very important place in auspicious Hindu ceremonies, such as marriages where turmeric or “Haldi” paste, which is normally applied on the bride and bride groom’s face and body.

There are several benefits of using the turmeric, and one of it’s most amazing qualities, is that it works as an amazing natural remedy for nourishing dry skin, removing impurities and dead cells from the skin.

Known as a natural antiseptic in the medical world today, the turmeric can also be used for treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and is one of the best homemade remedies for pimples and acne.

Health Benefits Associated Gram Flour?

The Gram flour (Which is also known as “besan”) has been tested and approved. The gram flour is a remedy which helps in increasing skin fairness and correcting dark patches and suntan.

The gram flour also helps the body cells in keeping the skin radiant and glowing. Undoubtedly this is one of the best skin whitening pack straight from grandmother’s remedies.


Turmeric Paste-1 Teaspoon

Gram Flour-1 Tablespoon

How to Effectively Make Use of this

To ensure that you get the complete benefits of the turmeric and gram flour, follow the simple steps provided below.

1. Mix the turmeric paste and gram flour in a glass bowl and add 1 tablespoon of milk to it,

2. Blend this mixture well and apply it on clean face,

3. It is recommended that you let it stay for 15 minutes, before washing it off your face with water.

Tomato and Cucumber Pack

Tomato and Cucumber Pack

Tomato and Cucumber Pack

Who doesn’t know tomatoes? Tomatoes are accepted globally as one of the best ingredients in making stew, certain soups and intercontinental dishes.

But one question i have for you is this. What are the beauty benefits of tomatoes?

Beauty Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes has the much required properties which can be used effectively in a fairness face pack, and it helps in enhancing the skin tone naturally.

The antioxidant lycopene present in tomatoes acts as a natural sunscreen and soothes the skin against sunburn.

One of the biggest qualities of tomatoes as a beauty remedy, is that it helps the body in adding a natural glow to any dull, lifeless skin. The natural astringent properties which is found in tomatoes help in reducing the size of open pores and control the excessive oiliness of the skin.

Benefits of Cucumber

Another powerful natural remedy to having the most envious flawless face, are Cucumber juice.

It is discovered that the cumber juice and pulp acts as an effective natural remedy for improving the complexion by removing pigmentation, blemishes and scars.

The cucumber juice functions like a natural remedy for reducing cellulite and also works in lightening dark circles around eyes.

So with a mixture of cucumber juice and tomatoes, you know you are truly getting the best remedy to having a beautiful glowing face.

Required Ingredients:

Tomato- 1 Small

Cucumber-1/2 Peeled

How to Use

1. You are to Mash the tomato to form a smooth paste and grate ½ cucumber.

2. When you have mash the tomato and grate the cucumber, mix it.

3. To get the full effectiveness, go wash your face and dry it with a clean towel, then apply the mixture (as a paste) on your face and let it stay for 20 minutes.

4. Wash it off with water.

Walnut and Milk Cream Pack

Walnut and Milk Cream

Walnut and Milk Cream

The walnut and milk cream is a powerful combination, that goes a long way, in making your face glows and removes dark spots on your face.

Just in case you aren’t aware of the benefits associated with walnut, here’s what you need to know.

Walnuts are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E and B vitamins, which helps the body in improving overall skin health by neutralizing skin damage, which is most time, caused by free radicals and oxidative stress.

Another benefits of walnuts, is that it helps in slowing down the process of aging. In other words, walnuts contain natural properties which keeps your face, forever young.

This moisturizes and nourishes the skin from within, and provides the much required helps in revitalizing damaged cells and improves regeneration of new cells, which in turn improves skin complexion.

While the Milk cream, which is also known as “Malai”, is one of the oldest known home remedy for improving skin health. The milk cream provides one of the best natural moisturizer for excessive dry and flaky skin.

The milk cream also acts as a soothing skin toner and helps in improving skin tone, thereby, adding an instant healthy glow to the skin. The Milk cream is one of the best home remedies for dark circles and bags under eyes.

Required Ingredients:

Walnuts-4 to 5

Milk Cream-1 Tablespoon

How to Use

To get the full benefits of this powerful pack (mixture of milk cream and walnut), please use the following guide provided below.

1. Soak the walnuts in water for 1 hour and mash them into a thick paste.

2. Proceed and add the milk cream to the mash walnut and mix it very well.

3. Apply this mixture (it turns to a paste) on a clean face and neck and massage in soft circular motion for 5 minutes.

4. It is recommended that this mixture stays on your face, at least for 20 minutes.

5. Wash it off with water.

Strawberry and Milk Pack

Strawberry and Milk Pack

Strawberry and Milk Pack

When you mix strawberry and milk together, you might be tempted to taste it. This combo is one of the best and comes with multiple benefits, when applied correctly.

There is absolutely no single reason why you should not enjoy these delicious red berries. But you should also know that it helps immensely, in lightening your skin complexion and adds a youthful glow to the skin.

Natural clear face tips are incomplete without the inclusion of strawberries into it.

Benefits of Strawberries

The juice of strawberries contains ellagic acid, which medically have the power the treat several skin diseases and inflammation.

The ellagic acid contain in strawberries are extremely effective in treating acne/pimple scars and blemishes and reducing skin damage, which are most time, caused by harmful UV rays of the sun.

Strawberries is also a rich source of vitamin C and folic acid, and the vitamin c and folic acid helps the body in the in regeneration of new skin cells and improves the production of collagen.

With this combination, you can enjoy skin whitening at home with this yummy natural fruit pack, that is too tempting to lick off the bowl.


  • Two (2) Ripe Strawberries.
  • One (1) tablespoon Raw Milk.

How to Use

To get the full benefits of this mixture, follow the guides provided below.

1. Firstly, you are to have the ingredients listed above. You are to mash the ripe strawberries to form a smooth paste.

2. Proceed and add 1 tablespoon of raw milk to the mash strawberries, then mix well.

3. Before applying this mixture on your face, wash your face and dry it off with clean towel. You can apply this mixture on your face and let it stay for 20 minutes, wash off with water.

Papaya and Honey Pack

Papaya and Honey Pack

Papaya and Honey Pack

I personally love eating papaya, and Hundreds of millions of others do too. But Papaya does have other great properties for keeping the face clean and acts as infection fighter.

A ripe papaya contains enzyme papain, which helps in skin renewal. Ripe papaya also comes with great properties like vitamins A, C and E along with antioxidants, which immensely helps in moisturizing skin and protecting it against infections.

The properties contained in a ripe papaya acts as an effective natural sunscreen to protect the skin against suntan. It also helps in reducing the signs of skin aging such as freckles and age spots.

Papaya is one of the most effective home skin whitening solutions which is medically recommended in removing age spots, pigmentation and blemishes effectively.

Required Ingredients:

1/2 cup of Ripe Papaya.

One (1) Teaspoon Honey.

How To Prepare

To make the most out of this beauty remedy, you are to do the following;

1. Mash the papaya to form a thick, smooth paste and add the honey to it.

2. Then proceed and mix the combination well, before applying it on face, then let it stay for 20 minutes and wash off with water.


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