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5 Most Important and Crucial Things Wives Need, But WILL Never Tell You

Been married has it’s own ups and down. When you are married and want the relationship to flourish, then it’s time you stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about your partner, and how to make her life the best with you. As a married Man, (congratulations 😀 ) You’ll noticed that sometimes, you just cannot for the life of ...

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10 Special and Intimate Things Every Couple Should Do At Least Once

There are times in our life, when we need to do things, which is outside our comfort zone. We shouldn’t live everyday the same, and this same goes for couple in love. I don’t need to say it here, that there is absolutely no flame that burns forever, and the same goes for love. The busyness of modern life has ...

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6 signs Your S.O/Partner is Not in Love With You

How can we know that our Partner, Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse is no longer in love with Me? This is one question that screams and plead for answers. I don’t think there is anything more emotional wrecking than been in a relationship, with someone who plainly does not love you back. It is better you deal with heart break, than stay in a ...

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