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5 Most Important and Crucial Things Wives Need, But WILL Never Tell You

Been married has it’s own ups and down. When you are married and want the relationship to flourish, then it’s time you stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about your partner, and how to make her life the best with you.

As a married Man, (congratulations 😀 ) You’ll noticed that sometimes, you just cannot for the life of earth, understand why your wife isn’t happy or just angry at you. Am not trying to make you understand woman (I heard it’s impossible, right? All am trying to do here, is to show you, 5 Important things Studies have shown, that Wives need, but WILL never tell you as their husband.

Women are said to be very subtle and complex creatures, and this i don’t disagree. Women most times bases every decision on expectations and emotions. A woman feels more than she thinks and doesn’t exactly tell you what she needs, it is like a puzzle, and you need to master them, to make your wife happy.

So instead of telling you her what she exactly needs, (oh God, life would be so simple :D) she makes you figure out her needs. It is in her nature, so don’t even try blaming it on her, but being a complex human being doesn’t mean that it is impossible to comprehend what she needs. For every man trying to figure out her wife but keep on failing, don’t give up. I know your feelings, and have sum up the five crucial things a wife absolutely needs, but won’t tell you.

5 Things Your Wife Needs, BUT Will Never Tell You

1. Your Complete Attention

Yes, this seems simple, right? Surprisingly, this is one of the biggest reasons most relationship ends up in divorce today. Where men are giving their wives lesser attentions than required.

I want you to understand something important here! “Your Wife needs your complete attention”

You need to show your wife that she has priority in your life, No, you need to show her, that she’s top of your priority list. Therefore, when she wants to talk, talk to her with full attention, please sir, Pay full attention whenever she’s talking.

Don’t use even try pressing your mobile phone or watch TV while nodding your head as if you are listening. She knows she does not have your full attention, and i don’t want to tell you, you’ve totally pi$$ed her off! This divided attention might discourage your wife. She might stop sharing things gradually or will not feel like talking to you anymore. You don’t need a magic wand to tell you, you’ve come to the end of the road. That’s why, whenever she wants to talk, turn off the TV, put down your mobile, and give her your complete attention so that she can feel valued.

2. Help around the house

You’ll fee like screaming: “But she’s the wife”. Yes, she is the wife, you married her, not to turn her to your housemaid. If your wife is working and you’re working, but she does not support you financially, even with little stuffs, you’ll surely be happy right? Yes, it’s a mutual feeling too.

She knows it’s her work to help with the house chores, but don’t just sit down, drink beer, watch sports on the television. Sir, you are fueling her anger, and the day she’ll explode, your marriage might be the victim.

Your wife might never say this, but she does need help while carrying out daily tasks. So, instead of you to tell her you are so tired after coming home from the office, do some house chores with her. After all, it is your home too.

Don’t forget that she too, might get exhausted of doing daily tasks or by working at the office. She might feel fed up by her daily routine, but she will never ask you to do the home chores with her. Therefore, it’s better to help her and show her you cared for her health and well being.

If you help her with the chores, you’re passing a silent but a powerful message to her, that you’re the best guy on planet earth. You should always remember there are no assigned tasks in marriages. Working together is essential to a happy and successful marriage.

3. Always Show Intimacy

This is one of the biggest indicator of how long, your marriage to her will last. Don’t just come back from the office and go straight to sleep. One thing men forget, is that intimacy is a prime aspect of marriage. It is not just about making love, but it is also about giving her the attention she deserves. You can just hold her when she needs you.

One mistake 85% of Men make, is thinking that $ex is primarily physical. True, it is to you as a Man, but women are different. Women think in a different way. For her, it is mainly emotional. A woman might not tell you, but holding her and caressing her are sometimes intimate enough, they might even enjoy it more than love making.

4. Give Her a Break

This is another crucial thing you should know as a husband. It’s certain that most women, will never tell their husband they ever need a break.

But the truth is this, You wife may feel exhausted, sick, or tired but will hardly show it. If she’s not showing it, then you need to know something wrong is taking place.

The exhaustion will slowly and gradually turn into frustration, anger, and stubbornness. Don’t let this happen. Tell her that it is okay if she takes a break from her regular, dull routine, even if it means you will do them. When your wife feels fed up, tell her to take a rest and ask her what she wants to be done so that you can do it.

This is one of the romantic things most men ignored in Marriage.

5, Try To Have More Fun

Before you married your wife, you always have fun, right? Don’t kill it because you are married. Having a good time in your marital life is vital and crucial to the marriage, otherwise, it gradually gets boring and starts losing the joy and essence of marriage.

You should know, that neither you nor your wife is a robot that works 24/7 round the year. Your wife might not tell you this, but she wants her marriage life to be fun. You should take out time from your busy schedules and enjoy it with your wife.

How can you have more fun in Marriage?

Travel together ( If you have kids, find a nanny and go alone with your spouse.)
Explore places like new restaurants,
Go to beaches,
Watch a movie at home together.