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Why Do Women Cheat? 12 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Has Cheated On You And How To Stop It

Over and over again, Men have asked the simplest and most disturbing question, which is: “why do Women cheat?”

It is said that Men shouldn’t try to understand women, that Women understands Women and they don’t love each other. However on this particular issue, we can’t help but look for the solution. To be honest with you, once you get to know why women cheat, especially WHY your girlfriend, Spouse cheated on you, you’re half way near the solution.

If you have to answer as to why your Woman would cheat on you, then this will surely provide you with an insight into what the problem is, whose fault it is, and how to resolve it.

One of the unanswered question about cheating in a relationship is this: Why do certain Women think they go just wake up one morning, then go out of their way to sleep with another guy when they are already in a relationship with you?

To be candid and frank with you, “there’s actually no simple answer.”

In fact, there are several reasons why cheating girlfriends do this over a lengthy period of time.

SO today, i will be taking a trip into the most loveliest, most powerful place on Planet earth, which is the woman’s mindset. Through this short and powerful trip, you will get to know, why your spouse cheated on you and uncover why she’s actually doing it and how to stop it.

What is considered “cheating”?

Before determining if your partner is cheating, we need to define what we considered “cheating”. I would say that anything she does with a guy on a physical level that includes fondling, cuddling, kissing, could be considered cheating in a relationship, except you’re friends on benefits 😀

But that really does depend on what you’re like as a guy, you might think that kissing is okay, But full blown sεx is definitely cheating.

Sure Signs To Tell If Your Partner is Cheating

One thing you should know, is that there are no “Sure fire” ways in which you can conclude that your girlfriend is cheating on you, However, there are indicator of something not being quite right in a relationship, so you should look into it further and determine the cause.

  • Very Distant With Communication

The best way or first step you can stop a relationship with anyone, is by cutting off all tiers and connections, right? You’ll notice that your relationship is going down the drain when you text her, and she take hours to reply.

I’m talking about several hours, not once but regularly. Please take note that it will be understandable if she’s busy and can’t text you back for an hour or so, but it shouldn’t be several hours, it means you simply does not hold any important position in her mind. Also when you call her on her Mobile phone, do she pickup or does it go straight to voicemail?

  • Hiding Something – Uncomfortable Around You

When you are with your partner, and you noticed that she does not pick certain calls around you, or pick the call and said something like “wrong number” and cut the call, then something is definitely wrong.

You’ll noticed that when you’re with her and she gets a text or call, does she take her phone somewhere else? When you are with her, does she hide the phone from you or lock her phone without giving you access?

  • Cancels On Your Plans

How often does she cancels your plans? like going out together, picnic, or going somewhere romantic, and all of a sudden, she cancels? When you both have plans for going out, does she cancel last minute and has she done so on many occasions?

  • You’re not the same guy that first attracted her

This is the moment a lady starts noticing that the man she first fall in love with, is no longer the same Man in the relationship. Whenever a guy changes, from his charming self, which he used in wooing a girl in the first place, this puts extreme strains on the relationship, and this has the possibility to end any relationship.

When you first met, everything was new and exciting for both of you. But when you guys become more comfortable with and around each other, certain things become a bit stale.

You need to remember what it was that she loved about your personality in the beginning and be “that” guy again, to stop her from going to look for it outside.

Is your girlfriend is a romantic who loved gifts, sms or morning calls? If these attributes was what you did to woo her and what you exhibit during the early stage of your relationship, but all of a sudden you changed, please know that there is someone out there who is willing to do same for her as you did.

  • More Excitement

Women always want to know how much you love, care and cherish them. Some guys might be confused and don’t know what to do here.

What are the ways you can assure your girlfriend, spouse of your love for her? Your girlfriend/spouse or wife needs more excitement in the relationship. If you’re sitting at home every night with her, this will get extremely boring.

Add more spics! You’ll need to plan some date ideas that will surprise her, which you can both enjoy. This will ensure that she doesn’t get bored and actually looks forward to seeing you.

  • Insecurities

When you’re too insecure, it tends to drive women out from your life. A woman needs a strong man she can easily put her trust in, not an insecure one. Everyone has some insecurities, but if those insecurities are getting you down and you actually have more insecurities than her, this can be a huge turnoff for her.

Like i said, women always like strong, confident and secure men, and to get your women, you need to be that man.

  • Negatives

When you’re too negative, it drives positive people away, and Ladies seems to be always possible. Negativity is a drain on energy for both you and her, if you’re always seeing and prophesying negative stuffs around her, she will anchor these bad feelings and begins to dislike you. So stop being such a douche and be more positive towards life and everything, bro.

  • UnderValue

Another big push that always drives women out of any relationship, is the feeling of been “undervalued”. It is no hidden secrets that girls need attention from their man, if they feel as though you’re not giving them enough attention, they tend to go look for it elsewhere.

What am trying to say, is that you don’t need to smother her, but you do need to keep things spontaneous so that she can see that you care.

  • Get Back

We all know that for your girlfriend to cheat on you, something must have prompt her to do so, which might include, to get you back for cheating on her. If you have ever cheated on her before, then there’s a chance that she’s looking to get you back. Women can be spiteful, so this will always be a possibility for her to do same.

How To Stop Your Girlfriend and Wife from Cheating on You

Am sure that the above reason are main courses why women cheat dude. But if you want to stop her from cheating on you, then you need to do the opposite of what’s turning her off. I know that this won’t be easy and it will take time. However, this is if you decided that you want to stick around with your “cheating” girlfriend.


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